Tomato and Thyme Cod with Chorizo and Spring Onion New Potatoes

Here in the UK we have enjoyed quite the heatwave this past week. Eating fresh new potatoes with fish and a side salad in the garden had me believe it was summer already. Word on the street is, it’s going to snow next week but I am sharing this summer on a plate recipe regardless.

I took this recipe:  Tomato & thyme cod recipe – Recipes – BBC Good Food…replacing the tinned tomatoes with fresh vine tomatoes and adding a fresh finely chopped red chilli.

For the potatoes I first sautéed some  chorizo and chopped spring onion in olive oil and set aside whilst boiling some fresh new potatoes. When tender, I drained the water, added the chorizo and onion to the pan and heated through, coating the spuds in lovely chorizo flavour.

Sunshine? Check. Summery dinner? Check. Wine? Check. Goosebumps? Check. Its bloody freezing in the evenings still. Best eat indoors.

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  1. Bloody boilers broke now, which should be ok considering its APRIL! I’m not having some Gas Conman tell me I need to give him £200 before I can be warm again. BF worked out we just need to replace some magnetic switch thing. They have some. In France. Have I entered some weird farcical alternate reality?

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